Tracklist before mastering for "Ghost Of Each Room" (cEvin Key)

1. bObs Shadow
electronics, drums cEvin Key
guitar Justin Bennett (appears courtesy Geffen )
theremin Frank verschuuren

2. TAtayama
electronics,drums cEvin Key
voice /sax K. Tokoi

3. hOroPter
electronics, drums cEvin Key
electronics Frank Verschuuren
Reactor Omar Torres (N.I.)

4. 15th Shade
electronics,drums,guitar cEvin Key
voice Edward Ka-Spel
Bass Guitar Bill Van Rooy

5. Sklang electronics,bass ,tapes cEvin Key
spectral delay Kent Clelland (N.I.)
Reactor Omar Torres (N.I)
Synth Phil Western

6. Frozen Sky
electronics Ken Marshall
electronics ,drums cEvin Key
voice n. Ogre (appears courtesy Spitfire records)
guitar ,ebow Saki Kaskas
Mixed By HiWatt Marshall Produced by Marshall/Key 2001 .

7. Aphasia
electronics cEvin Key

8 . Klora
electronics ,radio,drums cEvin Key

9 cccc4
electronics,reactor cEvin Key

10. a certain stuuckey
electronics,drums,snappy bass guitar,
sub bass, ritual recording and fx cEvin Key
voice Edward Ka-Spel
talking guitar ,fx Martyn deKleer
synth Silverman
3rd jazz bass Ryan Moore

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