…In Nominå Deus



There is nothing except Everything.

There is no God except God.

Music is a mystical union of the One's separate parts,

a superreal substance which belongs to the inseparable stream of Existence.



Will is a correct direction of energy,

anticipation of Achievement.

Love is the silence of music.

Art's geniune and original nature

is embodiment of spiritual substance

and ritual Service.



Ritual is joining constant fulfilment of Higher Laws.

Reaching true freedom

is acceptance and obeying laws

and restrictions of Divine Order.

Will to Act is a conscious expansion of inner space, going beyond body borders

and a spiritual transmutation act.

"Overcome yourself by restoring rituals".



The triune nature of music comprises

rhythmic organization of music flow,

a harmonic system of tonal vibrations and a system of encoded text layers.

Mystical basis is an everlasting interweaving of symbols and meanings

possessing the power to change spirit into matter and matter into spirit.

Language is a live reflection of protosymbolic reality

and a child of ritual.

Mixture of languages and meanings is a divine play filled with shadows of

Verity, a reflection of Demiurge's play.



Sound is the crimson blood of Existence, it reacts to Her phantoms

and casts a spell on Her future.

It is a vague and ever drifting away path between

the Outer and the Inner.

Music is the highest stage of creative development

defined by a combination of aesthetic codes with a universal mystical

language of spiritual practices.

Manipulations with inner time are a way to

bring order to streams of feelings of reality.

Mathematical models are both

a system making the ritual extremely formal and the archetypal structure of

music canvases.

Hymns and Dances

are a dual feature of Orphic tradition,

incarnations of Apollo's and Dionis's archetypes, as well as the most

religiously filled forms of controlling inner musical flow and approaches to Service.

Steps of musical consciousness are the stages of merging Ego

into mystical sound time:

listener - performer - improvisator - Creator.

The hierarchy staircase on its top level automatically comprises all the

previous levels of Gift.

The Creator is the Relayer of highest-plane

information, who joins in the Game from time to time.



Ritual is the basis of Tradition,

a conscious existence within the spiral of

repeating events and eternal values.

Mythology is a system of eternal

cultural values providing an essential basis for a personality

following theinner path of personal change.

Reality of progress is subsidiary compared to

fundametal ritual basis of human existence.

Progress and tradition areprincipally antagonistic types of culture,

sometimes united only by the epoch when they co-exist.

Post-modern cultural space is a unifying factor

for any of the modern cultural forms, nevertheless the level of spiritual

fulfilment never changes.



Laws of art perception coincide

with metaphysical reality of social castes.

Art by nature is divided into castes.

The highest achievements of enlightened creative impulse

cannot and should not belong to masses.



Ideological art is a sphere of personal self-fulfilment,

which includes, among many other things,

propagandizing values of a certain cultural system

based on clear philosophical and/or geopolitical convictions, and which is

expressed in a consious creative impulse.

As MOON FAR AWAY see it,

Gothic Art is a spiritual sub-culture, in its brightest forms defined by

the present-day level of Initial Knowledge.

It also opposes artificial and

massively imposed American mass culture stereotype,

which is faceless by nature

and alienates traditional cultural values.

The kernel of Goth culture

is a modern form

of traditional European mystical creative consciousness,

which sees art as part of ritual service enriched by technical achievements

of the Recession Epoch and exists in post-modern reality.




is a music project denying limiting borders

of space, time and society. It creates mystical and ritual soundscapes

in the framework of Gothic music.

Behind the consciously faceless visual image

of the project there is the desire of the Project members to create a

unified audio and semantic image as free from any human origin as possible.

No matter how the Project members live or what they do outside MFA,

it has no significance whatsoever for adequate understanding



A combination of classical traditional European culture and modern select

avant-garde tradition, along with technology and mass-media development of

modern civilization, merged with strict obedience to traditions reflecting

the mentality of Russian North sea regions are the basis of




Spirit, Service, Will, Tradition, Power, ART


(c) 1998 Russian Gothic Project