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Everything finite is worthless in the long run.

august 1994
The Appearance of the Idea and the Name.

october 1994
The beginning of the joint musical activity; the creative trinity -- Count Ash (b. 1. XI), Anea (b. 17. III) and Heleg (b. 23. IV) -- is born.

march 20th, 1995
First radio broadcast: Eos Dance on the Solovetskye Islands radio.

june 23rd, 1995
First demo (The Sovisha's Songs) is recorded.

summer-winter 1995
Joined the 'underground correspondence'. Many good reviews, along with some acknowlegement, are received.

autumn 1995
MFA meets Andrey Turusinov, the publisher of the Results fanzine; the band now accesses the physical world using modern telecommunications.

february 19th, 1996
First radio broadcast covering the whole Russia: Praesagium played at A. Borisov's Exotica show on the Radio of Russia.

march 1996
Ash and Six Dead Bulgars joint record.

april 1996
Friendship with the Hybryds starts. Antwerp radio broadcasts MFA's first demo. No casualties reported (?).

may 1996
A. Borisov offers to record the CD. Three new tracks finished; the favourite one, Noch Einmal, is remixed.

summer 1996
Four new tracks released as the second demo, Pra.

winter 1996
Ash and Anea take part in the Slavutnica etnographic theatre activity, learning to play psalterion.

march 1997
New Hybryds CD, Ein Phallischer Gott, features MOON FAR AWAY track that is based on the Elevsinia MFA sample. The unique event in the world culture history: for the first time since the painting of the Altamir cave, a remix is being released earlier than the original song. MFA pilot CD release is postponed.

june 1997
Lado World, MFA's long-awaited first CD, is finally released and is hailed by critics as the first Russian gothic CD.

autumn - winter 1997
Ash and Anea perform as a part of Slavutnica. Heleg's photo- and video experiments took place at this time.

winter 1997 - 1998
Ash works on the standalone project.

spring 1998
MFA homepage is created on the Russian Gothic Page.

end of may 1998
MFA's new track, A Scorpion Domain, is released on the Dark Ages part 3 compilation (Arborlon Music, Germany) that also features Yasnaia, Ildfrost, Amber Asylum, Swartalf, Camerata Mediolanense, Arcana Obscura, etc.

october 1998
The beginning of the star rain.

The external history of MOON FAR AWAY gets extremely complicated due to the appearing 'cult band' image and the final transition of the project to the status of cultural myths.

summer 1999
Besides the hard work on the upcoming SATOR album, the first steps are being made towards the realization of the old idea - the crossbreed between gothic music and the authentic vocal traditions of Russian Pomor North; "In the Dawn" track is recorded.

august 1999
MFA's Praesagium is released on the Gothic Enigma II compilation (Triton Records, Germany), featuring JACK OR JIVE, DIARY OF DREAMS, FICTION & AUTUMN, etc.

september 23-24th, 1999
Work on SATOR album is finished. The band is seeking for the distribution label.

september 30th, 1999
New MFA's track, To The Heaven Rhuanda, along with 'Scath' by Count Ash, were released on the CD-R compilation by Andrey Turusinov named 'Results Part III', featuring SIX DEAD BULGARS, STIRLITZ, TYRLYKHTAR CKARLY etc.

december 5th (night) 1999
"Cultural Hero of XXI Century" Festival, act "Tell Tchaikovsky the news", KRAJ Club, Moscow: Count Ash meets Nictorius (Romowe Rikoito). MOON FAR AWAY track is presented on festival CD compilation, together with ROMOWE RIKOITO, OLE LUKKOYE, SPECIES OF FISHIES, F.R.U.I.T.S., etc.

march 2000
Release of "Russian Gothic Compilation" CD. "December of Times".

march 20th 2000
MOON FAR AWAY have signed official contract with BRUDENIA Records on release of "SATOR".

beginning of april 2000
Moon shines with a golden light from the cover of second MOON FAR AWAY CD. "SATOR" is presented to the light and is reflecting it.

june 2000
MFA’s “Architects Of Immortality” from the new CD “SATOR” is released on the “TRITON-II” compilation in Germany, together with BELBORN, D’ARCADIA, BACKWORLD, THE DAY OF THE TRUMPET CALL, OSTARA, JACK OR JIVE, NEUTRAL, DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED, etc.

august 2000
MOON FAR AWAY’ photo decorates the double page of “ZILLO” magazine
(№7/8,2000, article “The breakthrough from Terra Incognita of Gothic scene”)

december 31th, 2000 - january 1th 2001
Count Ash & Heleg meet Millenium beyond the Polar Circle, 
in the very center of Nenets tundra.

march 30th, 2001
MOON FAR AWAY’s new electro-ritual dark-folk track “In The Dawn”
is released on the CD-R compilation “RESULTS Mag. Part IV”,

april 5th, 2001
Anea performs herself as Creator in the true origin.
The beginning of absolutely new history…

autumn 2001
Start of working at the concert embodiment of the MFA music.

november 10th, 2001
Interview with Anastasie, new vocalist of MOON FAR AWAY,
is broadcast at “TVC-Arkhangelsk” channel,
the project “
Culture Park: Art & Ideology”.

february 2002
Count Ash records some dark-folk songs in Archangelsk for 
the joint work with ROMOWE RIKOITO.

17th, 2002

MOON FAR AWAY proves its Cult band status by its first live performance. The action took part at the Stone Hall of Archangelsk Kremlin (XVII cent.) and aspires to the name of the most mystic and shocking music action for the whole history of the city.
Special guests - TANQUAM band from

night may 4-5th, 2002
May beetles creep across Count Ash during MOON FAR AWAY performance on PRUTENA, Prussian Festival of ritual folklore & neo-folk in Koenigsberg. The first MFA’s concert outside Archangelsk took place together with KULGRINDA, ROMOWE RIKOITO and WELDISNA. The first live performance of “The Blueberry Song” together with Anny, ROMOWE RIKOITO’s cello.

night may 8-9th, 2002
MOON FAR AWAY plays in St-Petersburg on the presentation of a new issue of BULLDOZER Mag together with OLE LUKKOYE, THEODOR BASTARD, KOTRA, etc. MFA performance turns into concert of power-electronics project VISHUDHA KALI, - the last MOON FAR AWAY song and the first VK composition the musicians play together.

21-22th june, 2002
The MOON FAR AWAY celebrate the shortest White Night of the year by their live-mystery during the art-festival “XXI Century Art” in Archangelsk.

The film KISMET of Shusei Nishi, editor from Japan, is released. It including interviews and live-fragments of Russian MOON FAR AWAY and CAPRICE, & Japanese JACK OR JIVE and EXIAS-J.

, 13, 2002

MFA released very limited gift CD-R edition for friends only, including new song “Witchcraft By A Singing” with the remix by minimal-electro a. The edition is illustrated by kid pictures of Count Ash. Not for sale.

december, 21-22, 2002
The band took part in First Gothic Festival of St-Petersburg, there played together with THEODOR BASTARD, PARA

march 9, 2003

MOON FAR AWAY took part in Dark&Neofolk Gathering in Moscow  Avalon Club, where
played together with NEUTRAL.

april 12, 2003
MOON FAR AWAY receive the prize “The Best Show of the Year” in the annual rock band contest of the Arсhangelsk region.

Count Ash initiated release of industrial noise band SIX DEAD BULGARIANS collection of some old compositions on Fight Muzik. The discs are released in exclusive hand-made cover as limited edition in 333 and 33 copies. The last 30 copies include a bonus MCD, containing a “hidden”, previously unreleased MFA track recorded within the period of cooperation with 6DB.

may 4, 2003
MFA live in Vjatka (a.k.a. Kirov) in local Puppet Theatre hall.

july 20, 2003
Japanese director Shusei Nishi’s new film The Ritual Of White Night was shown in Tokyo. The movie is wholy dedicated to the creative work of MOON FAR AWAY and the band’s links to the deepest Russian traditions.

november 1st, 2003
MOON FAR AWAY celebrates the great holiday Samhain and Count Ash's birthday by holding a festival in the stone halls of Archangelsk’s Gostinyi Dvor (Guest Yard). The festival’s guests include VISHUDHA KALI (St. Petersburg), WOID (Kirov, a.k.a. Vjatka) and YAGODA GALO (Severodvinsk).

december 7th, 2003
Count Ash is a special guest at the Moscow Dark & Neofolk Gathering IV party, performing several songs with EMILY A. SAAEN and members of EMBRACE OF BRANCHES.

december 12th, 2003
The Fight Muzik label releases 137 enumerated copies of the limited edition “MOON FAR AWAY: PRUTENA” double-CD box. The first CD contains a live MFA performance recording made during the festival of the same name in Koenigsberg, while the second CD contains “Ritual Of White Night”, a movie about MFA filmed by the Japanese director Shusei Nishi.

may 2004
The Russian dark scene 2-CD compilation “Colours of Black” is out. It was inspired by Count Ash and published by
Russian gothic Internet-project
For the first time in history of Russian scene it accumulated 34 musical compositions
of Russian bands at ones, including MOON FAR AWAY.

MFA participating in presentation tour “Colours of Black” together with THEODOR BASTARD, EMILY A. SAAEN and
REQUIEM FOR FM in Voronezh, Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
The band is also appears as special guests on presentation of THEODOR BASTARD’s
new album “Pustota” and partakes in organization of Archangelsk festival “Terror Incognito”.

october, 2-3, 2004
MFA takes part in ethno-futuristic festival “The New Song Of The Ancient Land”
in Izhevsk city where they perform on stage of The State Udmurt Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

october 2004
The French label Cynfeirddreleases a debut album of WOLFSBLOOD named “The Twilight of The World”.
Count Ash performed the part on the gusli  (Russian folk stringed musical instrument played by plucking) in one of tracks.

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