Mors Syphilitica

Mors Syphilitica  appeared after the break-up of cult underground band Requiem In White  in 1995. This break-up was a big disappointment for fans of the band and simply those who enjoyed good bands playing authentic, original and beautiful music. But destruction often leads to creation of something unexpected, something better. That was the case this time as well, and from the remains of Requiem In White emerged two projects - Eric Hammer and Lisa Hammer (formerly Houle) decided to do all the studio work alone and called themselves Mors Syphilitica; Christopher David (formerly Walsch) formed another very interesting band named Judith (read all about it at Judith home site).

Mors Syphilitica was shortly signed by a young NYC record label Sacrum Torch, and their first release in 1996 was a limited edition vinyl 12" single. This record shortly became a collectors' item, because only 300 copies were pressed.

But when their first, self-titled full length LP was released, it became obvious that their material is far from being less interesting than one of the defunct Requiem In White. They have changed the direction they were facing with their music to some extent, but by no means lost originality and quality, and definitely proven to be one of the leading projects of the genre and beyond.

After a period of live performances and recording sessions, several delays and a lot of rumors spreading through the community, the Hammers' second full length LP, titled Primrose was released. It has already gained a lot of delighted reviews on paper media and on the internet, and my deepest opinion is that it deserves all of good words which has been and will be said about it. We are waiting for more, Eric and Lisa.


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