Requiem In White - Live History

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Nov 7: Chet's Last Call (Boston, MA)
Nov 25: T.T. The Bears (Cambridge, MA)
Dec 7: Chet's Last Call (Boston, MA)

Mar 13: Chet's Last Call (Boston, MA)
Apr 6: Live Radio Broadcast
   WERS 88.9 FM (Boston, MA)
Jul 19: The Grotto (New Haven, CT)
Nov 1: Bat Cave East (Boston, MA)
Nov 13: The Rathskeller (Boston, MA)

Jan 22: T.T. The Bears (Cambridge, MA)
Jan 24: Bat Cave East (Boston, MA)
Jun 4: French Club (Willimantic, CT)
Oct 29: The Living Room (Providence, RI)
Nov 27: The Rathskeller (Boston, MA)
Dec 13: Green Street Sta. (J.P., MA)

Mar 19: Spit/DV8 (Boston, MA)
Apr 27: The Rathskeller (Boston, MA)
Oct 4: The Middle East Cafe (Cambridge, MA)
Various Shows at Bunratty's (Allston, MA)
Scheduled shows with:
   Alien Sex Fiend
   Christian Death

Canceled due to immigration problems.

Jul 27: Ground Zero (Cambridge, MA)
Dec 31: The Rathskeller (Boston, MA)
   New Years Eve - Christian Death  Reunion Show

May 29: Club MK (New York, NY)
Jul 19: Ground Zero (Cambridge, MA)
Aug 13: The Limelight (New York, NY)
Aug 25: The Ozone (New Haven, CT)
Oct 12: Space at Chase (New York, NY)
Dec 29: Woody's (New York, NY)

Feb 23: Space at Chase (New York, NY)
Mar 29: Space at Chase (New York, NY)
Jul 11: The Limelight (New York, NY)
Jul 19: Bond Street Cafe (New York, NY)
Sep 27: Pool Bar (New York, NY)
Nov 17: Space at Chase (New York, NY)

Jan 15: CBGB's (New York, NY)
Apr 17: Pool Bar (New York, NY)
May 19: The Ritz (New York, NY)
   3rd Anniversary Party with:
   Nuclear Assault

May 23: CBGB's (New York, NY)
   "A Night of Misanthropy"
Jun 19: Pyramid (New York, NY)
   "New Music Seminar"
Jun 31: Manray (Cambridge, MA)
   with Sex Gang Children
Jul 18: CBGB's (New York, NY)
   "A Night of Misanthropy"
Aug 4: The Limelight (New York, NY)
   with Sex Gang Children
Nov 19: Tilt (New York, NY)
Dec 31: Cathedral of the Holy Virgin (New York, NY)
   "New Year's Eve Black Ball"

Jan 23: CBGB's (New York, NY)
   with World Serpent artist Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus
Apr 9: Tilt (New York, NY)
May 20: Underworld (New York, NY)
-- Recording break --
Sep 16: Kingdom Hall (New York, NY)
Sep 25: Bennington College (Benn, VI)
Oct 31: The Rathskeller (Boston, MA)
Nov 4: The Bank (New York, NY)
   "CMJ Showcase"

Jan 2: The Limelight (New York, NY)
   with Type-O-Negative
Apr 1: The Pyramid (New York, NY)
June 8: The Limelight (New York, NY)

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