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This interview was published in the “Tochka Zrenia” newspaper at 20th January 1999.

Wild Wild Angels by Alexey Injutkin

Alexey Injutkin’s works are well-known in the Penza’s underground: he draws posters for extreme bands from Penza, does covers for young writer’s books and design logos for Quake clans; his exposition is available for everyone through Internet.

We’re talking with Artist about his life and his metaphysical graphic arts.

Interview from newspaperAlexey, tell me please about yourself.

I’m 28 years old. I was born in the countryside, learnt sometime in Penza Construction College, worked as street cleaner, plasterer. In the town I have found myself, self-learned. I lived among outsiders: alcoholics, drugheads, homeless – I drew them all… some time I was held by several prostitutes – I recall them with gratitude. They were very attractive people standing on the other side: either dissidents, mad alchemists, inventors of the “perpetual mobile”, or new religion creators – prophets, which weren’t listened anyone except me, or dreamers, which dreams and temptations I drew.

When did you become to draw?

I draw since I can remember myself. No one taught me how to draw, no one influenced on me, but above all no one prohibited me from in my works. Thanks to parents, they related to my hobby tranquilly, bought me paints and pencils. They never tried to make over me to a pilot or an agronomist, for example.

‘Til nowadays you had local notoriety and six expositions.

They were half-professional expositions. They took place In the Lermontov’s Library, Penza Instrument College, etc. Anyway it was about outlet from underground. Many people asked me to explain what some works mean. Some people in turn tried to explain me, and it was interesting. My drawings are for everyone who feels. It’s not obligatory to be thinking, just enough feelings.

People create building, but god creates trees – some writer said. There are too many trees in the Artist’s works pulling up to the heaven to light stars from the dusk of lost cemeteries. Turning out its roots, trees desperately strive to the top – off the graveyard ground overcrowded by witches and wizards (like innocent girl in 1600th from strong claws of inquisition). And on the contrary, Alexey’s fallen angels slipped from the heaven are learning to creep and crawl.

Alexey, what are your hobbies except graphic arts?

I read books, listen music. Of course, I prefer to read Poe, Lovecraft, “Hammer of the Witches” is lying under my pillow. If I‘d survived without literature, but I would die without music. Many themes and tunes from my graphic works were inspired by music: music of Medieval Europe, Orf, Bach, Mozart, Celtic folklore, and guttural singing by Yakut shamans. Russian rock: Letov, Dyageleva, Cherniy Lukich. Occult music. Black metal. Electronic music…

What artists do you like?

Russian avant-garde of 10-20th years. All the Dutch school. Bosch, Breughel, Dali, Giger.

Do you have any studio?

I don’t have place to live, so where can I find studio? I draw in any situation – on the roof, in the railway station, on cemetery, in the sobering-up station – on the walls. I draw on the any part of space by means of finger in the air.

There are so many hidden messages in your works, so many surreal things: people-angels and people-beasts, roots of the living trees, crosses and dust of cemeteries trying to resurrect before Judgement Day… how do you interpreter it by yourself?

Not at all. I work with myth. And every nation has its own fairy tales. A person from Khtulu tribe will see his gods in my pictures, atheist will nod one's approval having seen headless cross. Like alchemists took backbones: sand, acid, lead – and tried mixing to create philosophers' stone, so Artist tries to express what’s happening with the soul. Don’t ask – just watch.

“Executioner caught Elise’s hand, but she hurry threw an eleven shirts on the swans, and… eleven handsome-princes had stand before her, but the smallest one had a swan wing instead of a hand” – G.-H. Andersen, “Wild Swans”.

The fairy tale has become to end, but the prince stayed with swan wing forever. So how to live with swan wing on our sinful planet?…

S. Evin, V. Pasjko
Translated into English by Dmitry

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